Special Orders

Nystreats Special Order Price list

Pies: All pies are 9inch pies

Apple Pie – $16
Cherry Pie – $18
Triple Berry (Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry) – $16
Key Lime Pie – $15
Pumpkin Pie – $15
Pecan Pie – $20
Sweet Potato – $15
Chocolate Caramel Turtle Sundae Pie – $25

Cupcakes: $15 per dozen (all cupcakes can be customized with toppers and colored liners)

Carrot Cake
Hummingbird Cake (Banana, pineapple, pecan)
Chocolate Mint
Spumoni (chocolate, cherry, pistachio)
Pumpkin Spice

If you don’t see a flavor you want…just ask! I’m sure we can accommodate!

All flavors can be made in sheet cakes or stacked cakes. Call for pricing.

Have questions or want to place an order? Email us at nystreats@yahoo.com with your name and contact information and a description of what you would like to order. Or just call us at 513-410-1537.

We can customize our cupcakes and other goodies for your special occasion any way you’d like. Have a special flavor combination you love? We’ve got a cupcake for that!


2 thoughts on “Special Orders

  1. Everytime I look at your cupcakes I think chocolate with a hint of lemon, topped with meringue. I’m gonna give it a try one of these days! Marci

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